T-Shirts With A Message: Ex-Mormons

13 September 2021
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If you live in Utah or are from that area, then many people can make the inaccurate assumption that you are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the LDS or Mormon church).  For many people, it can be annoying to be associated with any group that they are not a part of. Fortunately, there are ways to set yourself apart from that religion, letting people know your feelings without having to talk about it continually. For example, you could get an ex-Mormon t-shirt so that people know your thoughts on the matter. 

These shirts are especially popular in Utah since most people will just assume that if you live there, you must be a member. Here are a few topics of non-LDS or ex-Mormon t-shirts which you may want to make part of your wardrobe.

Drinking Shirts

The LDS church does not allow its members to drink alcohol, coffee, tea, or consume any form of illicit drugs. Hence, as an ex-member of the LDS church, getting a shirt that references drinking alcohol or taking drugs can let people know you have moved on. 

Apologies for Judgemental Comments

Members of the LDS church are sometimes known for being strict with their beliefs or being slightly judgemental. For that reason, many ex-members get shirts that say, "Sorry for what I said when I was Mormon" or something to that effect. Anyone you have offended will immediately know what you are talking about and understand where you are now coming from.  


Leaving the church can be an extremely ostracizing experience. The LDS church is extremely close-knit with members checking in on each other frequently and meeting weekly for Sunday services. If you are looking for a new group to associate with, then getting a shirt that says depicts your new status may welcome comments from others who are in the same situation. It may just be a T-shirt, but you may find support and new friends that you did not even know were in the same boat. 

In conclusion, if you have strong feelings about setting yourself apart from those in the LDS church, then you should purchase a few ex-Mormon t-shirts in order to let people know how you feel without having to say anything. 

For more information, you can contact a company, such as X-Mormon Drinking Team, that sells ex-Mormon t-shirts and offers other ex-Mormon opportunities.