3 Reasons to Gift Your Husband a Hooded Sun Shirt

22 August 2022
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Men can be challenging to shop for. Finding the perfect gift for your husband requires a lot of thought. If you are trying to think of something that will be both useful and stylish for a birthday or anniversary gift, you may want to consider getting the special man in your life a hooded sun shirt.

Learn more about the benefits that men's hooded sun shirts can offer so that you will be able to recognize the value of giving one of these shirts as a gift in the future.

1. Keep Your Husband Cool

Some men spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer months. Whether your husband is lounging by the pool or monitoring the BBQ grill, he will be exposed to direct sunlight. This sunlight can cause the body's internal temperature to rise.

Sweating is the body's way of trying to release excess heat. The fabrics of many traditional shirts can trap sweat and prevent air from circulating next to the skin. As a result, your husband can start to feel even hotter when wearing these fabrics.

A sun shirt will be made from fabric that is breathable and lightweight. Sun shirts are uniquely designed to help wick away moisture, which can keep your husband cool on the hottest of days.

2. Keep Your Husband Looking Young

Many men don't worry about maintaining a strict skincare routine. Exposure to direct sunlight could cause your man's skin to age prematurely as a result. Gifting your husband a hooded sun shirt can be a great way to protect his skin from the aging effects of the sun.

Medical experts agree that protecting the skin against sun exposure is the secret to maintaining a youthful glow. In fact, up to 90% of skin aging can be attributed to overexposure to the sun.

Having a sun shirt to wear will protect your husband's skin against any accelerated aging caused by the sun's UV rays.

3. Keep Your Husband's Skin Healthy

Sun exposure can lead to a host of medical conditions. Skin cancer is perhaps the most serious of these conditions.

Men are particularly at risk of suffering from certain types of skin cancer. When compared to women, men are much more likely to develop basal or squamous cell carcinoma. When men do develop melanoma, they have a higher mortality rate than females.

Wearing a sun shirt regularly can limit your husband's exposure, which will help to maintain better skin health over time.