Shopping For A New Collar: Why Waterproof Is The Way To Go

5 November 2020
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Dog collars, while often on dogs at all hours of the day, can often be overlooked when purchasing new items for one's pet. When considering a new dog collar, owners should consider a few factors including how comfortable the collar will be for their pet as well as how long it will last. Bearing a few of these considerations in mind, the perfect choice for a new dog collar will be easier than ever. 

Quality should always be considered when choosing a new dog collar. Since the usual wear and tear can take a huge toll on a collar considering dogs are out for walks often or may wear their collar continuously, durable material and design should be chosen. Thicker collars, for instance, work well for larger dogs and last much longer than something that is thinner in nature. For smaller dogs, however, a thin collar is recommended for both comfort and ease of use. Thinner collars are more prone to breakage but if the material used is of higher quality, this will be reduced greatly. Choosing a waterproof dog collar is also a smart decision. Regardless of what climate the dog lives in, collars nonetheless get wet at some point or another. Collars that do not have a waterproof nature will not hold up as well over time due to the gradual wearing away of fibers. A waterproof collar also ensures that mold and mildew growth is inhibited and provides an overall high-quality sealing on the collar itself that both owner and pet will be thankful for. Waterproof collars come in a variety of thickness levels and colors as well, which makes them extremely easy to customize according to the dog or owner's preferences. Thankfully, there are endless options when it comes to choosing a color for dog collars. For those looking for something for their dogs who love a fancier look, for instance, a lovely pink waterproof dog collar would work wonderfully! 

Waterproof dog collars, while highly customizable with the ability to be personalized, offer peace of mind to the owner knowing their dog has a quality collar on at all times. A waterproof collar goes a step further and provides additional protection against the elements and typical wear and tear. Since this is an item that their dog will be wearing very often, it is something that careful consideration for both comfort and durability should be considered. With their new waterproof collar on, dogs and their owners will certainly be happier!