3 Things You Need To Know About Designing A Great Soccer Jersey

20 September 2019
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If you are in charge of designing the soccer jersey for your recreational team, you want to design a jersey that looks good and is fun to wear. When you design a jersey, you want to focus on your logo, use subtle patterns, and make sure the fonts and colors you use are readable.  

Center Your Design Around Your Primary Logo

First, you should center your design around your team's primary logo. The logo should be what takes up the most space on the jersey and should be positioned so that it is the focal point of the jersey.  

If your team does not have a logo yet, you can commission a graphic artist to make you an affordable logo. When hiring someone to make an affordable logo for you, you need to provide the graphic artist with the colors you want to be used in the design, as well as any shape or picture you want as well. For example, if your team is the Silver Lions, you may want your logo to be silver, and you may want the image to be of a lion.  

Use Subtle Patterns

Second, you should use subtle patterns. If you examine soccer jerseys for professional teams, you will notice that the background is not a flat color. Rather the background is made up of a subtle pattern. 

Choosing and using a subtle pattern in the background will give a level of dimensionality to your jerseys. It will make your jerseys look more like a professional put them together as well.  

Make the Words Clear

Finally, you need to make sure all the words on your jersey are clear and easy to read. Choose a color that contrasts and stands out from the rest of the jersey. For example, if your jersey is a deep red, the writing should be black or white. Or if your jersey is a light baby blue, the writing could be a lime green or white.  

If you are able to choose the font for jersey names, be sure to pick a font that is easy to read. Fonts that look more like cursive handwriting can be great on other designs, but they are not the best font choice for your jersey. 

Make sure you go with a large enough font size so that all words can be read at a reasonable distance as well.  

When designing your soccer jersey, build your jersey around your team's primary logo. This will help you focus the design. Fill up negative space with a subtle background pattern. Make sure the text font and colors that you choose are easy to read from a distance. Follow these tips to make a great looking soccer jersey. 

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