Alteration Altercation: How To Avoid Falling-Out With Your Wedding Dress Seamstress

24 June 2019
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Shopping for a wedding dress is one of the most exciting and anticipated events when planning a wedding. You want a dress that's perfect, beautiful, and breathtaking, but seamstresses can't perform miracles if the dress you choose isn't right for your body type. Finding the best dress for your body type will make preparing for your wedding day a positive experience for both you and your wedding dress alterations seamstress.

Let your dress complement your body type

Be realistic about your body type. A wedding dress on a mannequin at the bridal shop may look amazing, but mannequins usually have perfect shapes. You can't expect your wedding dress seamstress to make the dress look the same on you if your body type is different.

Choosing a dress that accents your best body qualities and minimizes flaws will result in less alterations. If you're pear shaped, draw attention away from your hips by choosing an off-the-shoulder dress and avoiding a form fitting bottom. If you have an hour-glass figure, highlight your curves with a mermaid or ballroom gown dress.

Be mindful about weight fluctuations

Since weddings are often planned months or up to a year in advance, you may have your dress for quite some time before the actual wedding day. Gaining just a few pounds can make form-fitting gowns too tight and alterations difficult. If your weight tends to fluctuate, or you tend to gain weight easily, you may want to choose a dress slightly larger than your current size to make alterations easier.

Say yes to a dress that fits your largest body part

It's easier to take a dress in than let one out. When taking a dress in, you have plenty of fabric to work with. Letting a dress out means using the small amount of fabric in seam, which can be as small as a quarter inch in some dresses.

Focus on finding a dress that fits your largest body part best. For instance, if you have a large bust and small hips, choose a dress that fits your bust area properly and have the bottom altered to fit the hips. If you tend to carry weight around your middle, but have a small bust, select a dress to fit your waist and have the top altered.

With the wide variety of wedding dresses available for all body types, you can rest assured you will find the perfect dress for your wedding day. Saying yes to the best dress will make it easier for you and your seamstress to work together to make any adjustments needed before the big day. The right dress, combined with the right alterations, will minimize your body's imperfections while enhancing your best qualities.