How To Buy Western Dress Pants That Look Great, Fit Well, And Reflect Your Style

11 December 2018
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If you want your western wardrobe to be multipurpose, then you need several pairs of dress pants. These pants are versatile enough to wear with a shirt or top with a jacket, and they are made of different materials and in different styles to match all occasions. Here's how western dress pants can reflect your personal style and a few tips on how to buy them.

Dress Pants Fit Your Style As Well As The Occasion

A good pair of dress pants can be worn when you dress casually or when you need to dress professionally. This allows you to get a lot of use from your purchase. One nice benefit of dress pants, like Circle S Dress Pants, is that you can still show off your personal style while wearing them. For instance, if you prefer western wear, you can buy dress pants suitable for a formal or casual occasion that have western styling. The western style is reflected in the type of belt loops and the cut of the pockets. You can maintain your signature western style and still be suitable for formal events and business meetings.

Proper Sizing Is Important For The Best Look

While dress pants may not be as comfortable as jeans, they typically have a comfortable fit if you buy the right size or have them tailored. They tend to have a higher waist than casual pants, and the waist should fit comfortably and be close-fitting so your pants can stay up without a belt — even though you'll want to wear a belt with them. The fabric should fit close to your legs, but not hug them. This allows you room to stretch and move without the fabric draping or billowing. When you shop for western dress pants, buy them according to your waist size. Then, check how they fit around your buttocks. They shouldn't form creases or have slack at the top of your thighs. If you have trouble finding dress pants that fit your backside well, then buy pants that are too loose and have them taken in so they have a perfect fit.

Dress pants usually have a crease along the length of the legs and they may also have cuffs. One important measurement to check is the length of the pants. The front of the pant legs should form a crease as they rest on top of your shoe. The fabric on the back of your leg shouldn't crease, but stay flat and stop at the top of your shoe so you don't walk on the fabric. When you shop for new dress pants, wear the shoes or boots you normally wear so you can buy the right length. However, the length is an easy thing for a tailor to fix, so how the pants fit in other ways is more important.