How To Create Custom Dri-Fit T-Shirts To Use For Promotional Purposes

20 June 2018
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If you have your own business, you may have recently decided you'd like to invest in some promotional T-shirts to hand out to people, encouraging them to wear the shirts with your business name and/or logo displayed on them. If you're going to purchase these promotional T-shirts to hand out to employees as well as customers, you should choose dri-fit options.

The dri-fit T-shirts are even better than basic cotton T-shirts because they're comfortable and will keep people feeling cool. The material helps to keep the moisture at a minimum, preventing the shirts from getting soaked when a person is sweating. If the shirts you're offering are extremely comfortable, people are going to want to wear those shirts, and then you'll get even more exposure for your business.

Choose the Style and Sizing Options

Start by selecting the style of the shirts you're going to offer for promotional purposes. Both short-sleeve and long-sleeve options are available, and you may want to offer a combination of both to give people a bit of an option when selecting the free T-shirt they'll wear. After all, if they have more of an option to select the specific style they prefer, they're more likely to wear the shirt often enough to help you get additional exposure for your business.

After choosing the style, you'll need to decide on the sizes you're going to offer. You may want to get shirts for women, men, and children. If so, it's best to have as many sizes available to cater to the needs of all your employees and customers who will get a free shirt.

Select a Color

The dri-fit shirts are available in plenty of different colors, but you need to choose a color that gets attention. A basic white T-shirt isn't going to draw in nearly as much attention as a shirt that is bright red, green, or even orange. Base your color decision on a few different factors, including what represents your business best, what gets the most attention, and what looks best with the logo you're going to have printed on the front or back of these shirts. If you can't pick just one color, you could always choose two or three different colors and offer a bit more of a variety.

Include Your Business Name and Logo Design

After you've selected the colors of the dri-fit shirts and have selected the style and sizes you're going to offer, it's time to figure out where you're going to put the name of your business and your unique logo on the shirt. Make sure you're testing out different font styles, colors, and sizes to find a font that is going to look best on these shirts.

If you want to start handing out T-shirts with your business name on them for promotional purposes, consider custom dri-fit printing in different colors, sizes, and styles because they absorb moisture and keep people feeling comfortable. Once people are wearing these shirts, they're like walking billboards representing your business to all the people they encounter throughout the day.