Are You Spiffing Up Your Wardrobe?

12 April 2018
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Is it time to go through your closet to organize your wardrobe? Perhaps you look for something in your closet and, while there are abundant items in your closet, you seem to not have anything to wear. From removing items that you don't wear anymore to repairing good leather purses, here are some ideas that might help you to spiffy up your wardrobe.

Set Aside Time - If you're serious about organizing your wardrobe, it might take awhile to get the job done. Be sure that you have a full length mirror before you begin, even if you have to buy an inexpensive one to go on the back of a door. You'll need paper and a pen or pencil, too. Start by trying things on. If you haven't worn something in awhile because it lacks a mate, put that aside. For example, you might have a great pair of tweed slacks that need just the right sweater to go with them. Write that down. Be merciless, too. For example, you might be keeping a dress because you wore it for a wonderful event and it brings back memories. However, if you know you won't ever wear the dress again, put it aside. Consider taking good clothes to a resale store or think about giving the clothes to a charitable organization.

Make Repairs - As you go through each article of clothing in your closet, put aside items that need to be repaired. For example, you might not be wearing a certain dress because the zipper needs to be replaced. Place that dress in a special spot, along with other clothes that need to be altered or repaired. The same goes for accessories. Do you have a great collection of purses that you have accumulated over the years. If you have leather purses, you more than likely spent some important money on them. Even if you got any of them on sale, they are still excellent items to go with your clothes. If any of those purses need to be repaired, take them to a repair service. The workers will have the training and the tools to make your purses look like new. For that matter, if you have a purse that you'd wear if it was a different color, the leather repair service will more than likely be able to dye it for you. Scratches can be covered up so well that you won't even know they were there.