Are You Shopping For Things You'll Wear On A Cruise?

6 December 2017
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Are you planning to spend Christmas on a cruise ship? Perhaps you have already booked passage on a ship for after the holidays. Either way, lucky you, getting to go on an adventure at sea. If this is your first time cruising, you might be wondering what to shop for as you plan your cruise wardrobe. From packing smart to buying wigs from a store like The Next Step, here are some ideas that might help you.

Plan Carefully - Of course, you can take lots of luggage with you on your cruise, but then where will you keep it in your small stateroom? When you go shopping for clothes, consider how you can mix and match them to maximize space. For example, think of buying a pair of black pants that you can wear with lots of different tops. If your ship includes a dress-up dinner, those black pants can be paired with a silky metallic tunic and fancy jewelry for an elegant look. The same black pants can be worn with a cute T-shirt or camp shirt with funky wooden jewelry for a casual look. Don't forget to pack the right shoes, too. Consider buying ultra-comfortable black flats that are comfortable enough for days when you are not at sea. The same black flats will more than likely go with the other items you selected to wear with basic wardrobe items you select.

Shop Smart - Besides shopping smart when you select clothing items, think of other things that might be good to buy. Have you ever considered wearing a wig? There might be times when you absolutely don't have time to wash and style your hair. For example, you might spend the day in a port town and then barely have time to dress for dinner upon your return to the ship. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to simply put on a wig? Think of buying a couple of wigs. For instance, buy a short, curly one for a flirty and fun look. Then select a long wig that you can style for elegant events. You can wear the long wig straight with a pretty hair broach or you can wear it in a French twist for a classic, elegant look.

The great thing about today's wigs is that nobody will even know that you are wearing one. If you do decide to buy a wig or several of them, you might find that you are reaching for one even when you return to your life at home.