Are You Christmas Shopping For Girls?

6 December 2017
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Are you shopping for girls of all ages this Christmas? You and your husband might have planned that you would buy all the gal gifts while he would buy all the guy gifts. If that's true, it sounds like an excellent plan. After all, you probably know better what females want, and he more than likely knows what the men and boys on your Christmas list would want for Christmas. From making your list to shopping for handbags and handbag accessories, here are some ideas as you go shopping for the girls on your list:

Make A List - Of course, making a list is smart because then you can reference it when you shop. Also, it's nice to check names off your list when your purchases are made. Think of categorizing the names on your list. For example, under the word Little Girls, write down the names of people like nieces, little cousins, and your own little girls, if you have them. You'll need to decide if you want a category that separates teenagers from grown-ups, as you might be able to shop for both in the same department.

As you make your list, don't forget people like your children's school teachers, your beautician, and maybe even the gals in your book club or your jogging buddies.

Pick A Theme - Have you considered shopping for custom handbags and related handbag accessories? If not, think of how well those gifts would be received by the gals on your Christmas list. For the women on your list who will be receiving more costly items, consider buying leather handbags that can hold a lot of items. Adding a matching wallet and a makeup bag that complements the handbag would just be the frosting-on-the-cake. For the little girls on your list think of purchasing tiny handbags with shoulder straps. Put things like children's lip gloss and a cute little mirror in the handbag, and maybe even tuck a dollar bill in the handbag.  For the teens on your list, consider buying wallets that have different compartments in them. Again, tucking a bit of money or a gift card into the wallet would probably make you a hero.

Don't forget that handbag accessories might make the perfect gift for those on your list who just need a thinking-of-you-at-Christmastime present. For example, a keyring with a pretty apple charm on it might be the perfect gift for your child's school teacher.

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