Get Your Son's Wardrobe Ready For College Life

10 October 2017
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Is your son heading to college next semester? Perhaps he isn't leaving for college until fall of 2018. Either way, there is a lot to do to get him ready for the next big step of his life. Part of the preparation is deciding just which clothes he'll be taking. He probably has his favorite stand-by clothes that he can't, or won't, part with. However, even he will probably admit that he'll need to purchase new clothes. From making a list to shopping for men's shoes, here are some ideas on how you can get your son's wardrobe ready for college life.

Make An Evaluation - 

  • Ask your son to go through all of his clothes.
  • Encourage him to get rid of things he hasn't worn in a long time.
  • Ask him to make a list of things he'll need to buy.
  • Decide together how much money will be allowed for clothes shopping.

If your son is like many other young men, you might end up having to coax him to go through his clothes and to get rid of things. For that matter, you might have to help him or even do it yourself. If you go through his clothes, be sure not to get rid of anything until he has given his approval. In fact, he might even want to store some of the things for a few months, just to make sure he's ready to part with them.

Go Shopping - 

  • Remember that he might need a heavier coat than he already has.
  • Even if he has jeans already, consider buying more of them.
  • Choose slacks that can go casual or dressier.
  • Don't forget to include plenty of underwear and socks on the list.

Remember that your son will probably be doing a lot of walking on campus. Look for men's shoes that will endure walking all those steps. And, check out his dress shoes. If he doesn't wear them often, he might have outgrown them. Consider buying dress loafers, such as from Finley Shoe Store, which can be used for things like going on a special date or wearing to church. If your son has especially liked a certain style, think of buying the same style again. If your son isn't hard to fit, you can even shop for him. However, he'll more than likely want to go with you to pick out his shoes. Women aren't the only ones who might have a shoe fetish!