Don't Start Your Workout With Post-Workout Odors: 3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Gym Clothes Smelling Their Best

24 August 2017
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If you work out on a daily basis, your gym clothes are getting a serious workout too. Tossing your gym clothes in the wash after each use is a good way to get them clean, but it's not necessarily the best way to get rid of the odors. Unfortunately, body odor can be quite difficult to get rid of, which means you could be carrying around some lingering odors on your freshly-washed gym clothes. Don't get stuck with body odors before you even begin your daily workout. Use the simple tricks provided here to keep your gym clothes smelling fresh.

Give Them Some Fresh Air

If you're in the habit of tossing your gym clothes in your bag and then tossing them into the laundry bucket as soon as you get home, you're letting the odors set right into those fabric fibers. To stop the odors from setting into the fibers, let your gym clothes air out a bit before you wash them. This is particularly important if you don't wash them as soon as you get home from the gym. Take your clothes out of your gym bag and hang them over the shower for a few minutes before you toss them in the laundry bucket. It's also a good idea to let your gym clothes line dry once in a while, instead of always tossing them into the dryer. The fresh air will help keep the fibers strong.

Don't Go Overboard on the Detergent

If you've been adding extra laundry detergent to help get your gym clothes cleaner, it could be having the opposite effect. Excess laundry detergent can actually be more difficult to rinse out, which will leave a soapy scum on the fabric fibers. When that happens, you could start noticing that your clothes are smelling like moldy water. Get your gym clothes their cleanest by reducing the amount of laundry detergent you're using on them. You should also say no to fabric softeners. Most gym clothes are manufactured using odor-resistant fabric. Unfortunately, fabric softener can actually reduce the effectiveness of the odor-resistance.

Expose the Smelliest Parts

If you're washing your gym clothes right-side out, the wash cycle is missing the smelliest parts of the fabric. To make sure you get rid of all the smelly body odors that are left behind after a good workout, be sure to turn your clothing inside-out. That will ensure that those smelly areas are properly exposed to the wash water.

Don't begin your workout with smelly gym clothes. Get rid of those post-workout odors using the tips provided here. For more information on great active wear, like Nux active womens clothing, and how to properly take care of your gear, visit your local sports store.