Canoe Fishing: Advantages Of Wearing Long Sleeve Performance Shirts For Every Trip

10 August 2017
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A fishing trip can drastically change when you transition from the edge of the water and head out onto the water. Canoe fishing gives you much greater access to areas found in ponds, lakes, and rivers among other locations. Along with having the boat to fish from, you want to be fully prepared to expand your fishing session as long as possible. Gear, bait, and accessories are one thing, but you should also consider what you wear on the water. Long sleeve performance shirts come with a lot of advantages when you decide to go canoe fishing. It can make a huge difference for your fishing trip and learning about these advantages will help you see how much of a difference they can make for your canoe fishing.

Shirt Snags

While fishing in a canoe, there are a lot of small and sharp elements that will come your way. Fishing hooks, small branches, and brush that hangs over the water are just a few of these things. When you chose to wear a long sleeve performance shirt, you will not have to worry about getting any shirt snags that make it even more of a pain to navigate around. Shirt snags are small pieces of string and fabric that hang off of a shirt. Enough of the them can create holes and other problems with your clothing. A performance shirt features very tight stitching that prevents shirt snags from occurring. By wearing a shirt without the snags, you can avoid it from getting stuck on various obstacles and fishing gear that you are using.

Stain & Odor Protection

When catching the big fish, you would rather leave the memory of the fish to your dinner plate or through a photo that you take before releasing it back into the water. Fish can easily create stain and odor problems on your clothing while you fish. This includes fish slime, blood from the hook, and their natural fishy scent. Thankfully, these problems can be avoided from your clothes completely thanks to stain and odor protection on performance shirts. By wearing the long sleeve shirts, your whole arm can be protected from the fish scents or extra liquids like blood.

Moisture Wicking Technology

Many parts of a lake, pond, or river will not offer a lot of shade and protection when it comes to the sun. You may find that your day of fishing is hindered by the blistering heat and extreme sweat that you are dealing with. Not only can a long sleeve shirt help prevent sun burn, but you also have the ability to wear a performance shirt with moisture wicking technology. This type of feature will help soak up the sweat. It can keep your body feeling cool, comfortable, and eliminate a lot of the sticky feelings associated with sweat. This allows you to fish for longer periods of time in a canoe and not feel too sweaty to go on.

Full Skin Protection

Along with the sun, you will want to protect your skin in other ways when wearing a long sleeve performance shirt. While paddling out on a canoe, you may encounter areas with lots of various bugs. This includes biting mosquitoes, spiders hanging from trees above, and various water bugs that hang out near the top of the water. Your arms and body will remain fully protected from the bites during this time. The shirt can also help protect you from fish as well. Fish fins and scales can have really sharp areas that will easily scratch or cut skin. These your arms and bodies can remain protected from the fish as you unhook them after each catch.

Once you've worn a performance shirt on the water, you will realize how many benefits they will have for all of your canoe fishing trips.