Five Ways To Measure Your Waist Training Progress

22 July 2017
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Waist training is a great way to achieve the body shape you are looking for, so long as it is done right. One of the best ways to go about waist training in a healthy way is to measure your progress. Seeing subtle progress is difficult on your own, so be sure that you consider these five ways to help yourself measure your progress:

  1. Waist Measurements: The first way is to take measurements of your waist. This can really show you how much you are trimming down. You can also use this as a way to get to your waist size goal before knowing whether or not you are ready to stop. 
  2. Take Pictures: Over time, you should take pictures of your body. This is really going to show you the change as you compare the photos side by side. Seeing the progress in this way will show you that it is happening, no matter how subtle the changes may seem. You are more likely to notice dramatic changes in this way. 
  3. Clothing Size: Don't throw away any clothes until you notice that they are getting too large for you. You might even want to keep them still to help you see the change. When you see that a pair of pants that once used to fit you snugly are now extremely large, you are sure to feel more confident in how well your waist training is going. 
  4. Fitness Level: Be sure that you are working with a trainer to help you work out with your waist trainer. These training sessions are going to be designed to help you change your body shape with the waist trainer. From here, your trainer will be able to show you your progress over time as far as fitness goes. Plus, with your new core strength, you are going to be able to support your new body shape. If you aren't working out, then you won't have the core strength that is needed to maintain the shape. 
  5. Notice Comments from Friends and Family: When you visit with friends and family, they are sure to notice the difference, so be sure that you take note of their comments. This is really going to help you with your confidence in the work you are putting in. 

When you utilize these five ways to measure your waist training progress, you can be sure that you improve on your confidence and work with your waist training in a healthy way. If you aren't keeping track of progress, then you may take it too far and not waist train in a healthy, positive way. 

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