Buying Your First Horse? Some Things You Should Purchase

22 May 2017
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Buying your first horse will be an exciting time for you, but you do need to know some things that you need. This will allow you to enjoy and care for your horse. Some things you may already have, such as a shovel to clean up after your horse and a pitchfork to put hay or straw in the horse stall. Besides these things, below are other things you will need to help you get started.

Bridles, Bits, and Saddles

You may be excited to purchase your first saddle, bits, and bridles for your horse. You should wait until after you purchase the horse so you can custom-fit these things. This will help keep your horse comfortable as well as happy. You also need to make sure you feel comfortable in the saddle that you purchase, and that the bridles and bits fit your horse well. A bit is what helps you keep control of your horse while you are riding so you do not want it to not fit well and injure your horse's mouth.


To feed your horse, you will need to purchase a feed tub. It will also need large buckets for water or you can purchase a water trough. If you live in an area that experiences below freezing temperatures, you need to have heated blankets or a water heater.

Talk with a veterinarian about what you should feed your horse. They will give you brand names of food to ensure your horse eats healthy. This is important as horses have a delicate digestive system and they would have a hard time if they eat the wrong type of food.


You will also need to groom your horse on a regular basis. This not only makes your horse look better, but grooming also helps your horse stay healthy. To do this you need a cloth, mane comb, body brush, curry comb, lead ropes, hoof pick, and breakaway halter. You should also purchase a fly repellent to keep flies away from your horse. Brush your horse each day after you finish riding it. This will make it much easier for you and the horse when it comes to grooming as there will be no knots in the horse's mane.

Protective Clothing

Riding a horse can be dangerous so you need to make sure you have protective clothing to keep you safe if you have an accident, such as if the horse bucks you off. Purchase a rider's helmet and make sure the helmet fits your head securely.

You should purchase riding boots. The boots should have a small heel to prevent your feet from slipping through the stirrups. Tall boots, however, will also prevent leg chaffing while you are riding your horse.

Purchase some riding shirts to not only protect your skin but to also make you look good while you are riding your horse. You can find shirts in a variety of styles and colors. You can find clothing made especially for riding horses online. For example, you can check out places like Kastel Denmark.

Talk with a veterinarian if you have questions about taking care of your new horse.