5 Wearable Items To Purchase At Your Military Surplus Store

10 May 2017
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Whether you are looking for brand new or gently used apparel and footwear, the military surplus store has a good variety to suit your needs. If you have never shopped at a military or army surplus store, you may be surprised at the wide variety of items available. There are shirts, undergarments, jackets and footwear, to name a few. Here are 5 wearable items to look for while browsing:

1. A Military Temperate Desert Field Shirt

Typically seen in a camouflage pattern, the military desert field shirt will most likely have two chest pockets and a flap arm pocket. It is constructed from cotton for breathability. It is also made to be wind resistant, as it is designed for desert use.

2. Coast Guard Approved Military Waterproof and Insulated Pants

Worn by members of the coat guard these pants are an excellent choice for those who participate ion water sports. They are often seen in a camouflage design and have knee-length zippers. The insulated membrane is not only waterproof but flame resistant as well. They will typically feature large lower leg cargo pockets. You may find these pants with a built in web belt as well.

3. Cold Weather Undershirt

Worn by the US military, this type of undershirt is designed for extremely cold temperatures. It is made of a kitted cotton material and may be found in solid white or camouflage colors.

4. A Military Grade Pea Coat or Pea Jacket

This style of jacket or coat was originally designed to be worn by the US Navy members or sailors. The jacket is a short length while the pea coat is slightly longer. Both feature a double-breasted design with two pair of buttons. You'll find the pea coat or pea jacket is typically a navy blue color and made from wool. The pea coat is a simple and basic design with no sleeve buttons. You will not find a belt in back either.

5. Military Tactical Work Boots

These are military grade but can be worn for many types of work, including construction. They are made of leather and fabric, typically, and feature a rubber sole. Most military tactical boots are oil and slip resistant as well. The mod sole is shock absorbent, making it suitable for most surfaces. Look for this boot in tan, gray, black or brown. Some styles feature a stay-cool lining.

If you are purchasing your military surplus items previously owned, you may receive lower pricing, but be sure to check the items over carefully. Look for rips or holes and loose threads. Always try the shoes or boots on and walk in them before making your purchase. For more information, contact companies like Bargain Center.