How to Choose a Flattering Women's Sweater for Your Body Shape

24 April 2017
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When it comes to women's sweaters, one size does not fit all. As the weather cools off in the fall and takes a more brisk and frigid turn in the winter, you'll want to dress both warm and comfortable. Of course, you'll also want to look stylish so you can feel confident and on top of your game. Knowing which type of women's sweater flatters you best will help you do just that. 

Pear-Shaped Body

Ladies with a pair-shaped body tend to have more narrow shoulders and curvy hips. Sweaters with a V-neck are the best choice for this body type, as they tend to give the shoulders a wider look. V-necks also create a horizontal look that slims the waist and hip area. A longer length sweater that reaches mid-thigh area is another plus you'll want to consider because this too provides the illusion that the hips are thinner. 

Straight Body

There are several ways a woman with a straight body type can create a flattering look with a beautiful sweater. First, you'll want to select an off-the-shoulder sweater that draws a person's attention upward. Next, you'll need to add a decorative belt around the waist of the sweater to create curves. Some sweaters even come with their own fabric belts so keep a look out for this. Finally, take the time to select a sweater that has a bold pattern, or one with stripes that can generate proportions that will make you feel attractive.

Hourglass Body

Since hourglass body types are considered proportionate, you'll want to pick out women's sweaters that hug the body. Stick with sweaters that are made with a lighter fabric, as they will highlight your curves in all the right places. Sweater dresses are also ideal for this body type. Just make sure the dress is fitted and not bulky, as loose over-sized sweater dresses have a tendency to make an hourglass body look frumpy. 

Heart-Shaped Body

Women who find they are heavier on top are considered to have heart-shaped bodies. This shape does particularly well with two different sweater styles. First, the sweaters made of cotton with scooped necklines are great as they give the bust a little more room without hugging the area the way a high neckline would. Second, open cardigan sweaters can be tied loosely without hugging the chest area. Their long vertical lines also work to create the impression that you have a longer torso. 

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