Four Things You Should Never Do To A Fur Coat

6 November 2015
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Fur coats are a stylish way to keep warm in the winter. But if you want a fur coat to last for as many winters as possible, you have to treat it well. There are quite a few things that you can do to (or in) other winter coats that you should never do to fur.

1. Don't Reapply Perfume

Fur picks up smells easily, so be sure to put on any perfume you're planning to wear before you put on your coat, and never reapply it while still wearing your coat. You may end up with a lingering odor that's nearly impossible to remove. In addition, the alcohol that makes up the base of perfumes (as well as some hair products) can dry out the leather and fur, causing it to lose its flexibility or even crack.

2. Don't Sit For Long Periods

If you're going to be riding in a cold car for a long distance, for example, it's better to put your coat over yourself like a blanket. Wearing the coat while sitting for hours can flatten the fur where it's pressed against your seat as well as underneath your seatbelt.

3. Don't Store Fur In Plastic

When your coat is in the closet, it's best if air can circulate around it and the fur itself has room to stand naturally without being pressed into the leather. Pressure can distort the fur, and lack of air circulation can both dry out the coat and cause mold problems if the coat is put away wet. A plastic cover blocks circulation and can press down on the fur.

Instead, allow your coat to hang on a wide, padded hanger with some room between it and the rest of your clothing. And if it's going to be a long time before you wear it again – like over the summer – consider having it professionally stored at a furrier or dry cleaner.

4. Don't Dry Your Coat With Heat

Fur coats hold up well against the snow, and it's no problem if they get a little wet when you come inside and the snow melts. Shake out the coat and hang it up with plenty of room for air to circulate around it. Never be tempted to try to speed up the drying with a hair dryer or by hanging it near a radiator – the heat will cause the leather to dry out and crack. If your fur is really soaking wet and you don't think it will dry out on its own, take it to a professional who can dry it out without damaging the coat.

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