How To Use Tube Ties To Keep Your Glasses From Slipping

2 September 2015
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There's nothing more frustrating than being about to make the perfect shot in basketball or be carrying a tuba for the marching band when your glasses slip down your nose. This causes you to lose vision, be worried that your glasses are going to fall off your face and be damaged and generally be inconvenienced. In order to avoid being inconvenienced while trying to perform these actions and any other actions in your daily life, you are going to need to make sure that your glasses don't slip. Here's how you can use tube ties to keep your glasses from slipping.

1. Buy Tube Ties

The first option that you have to keep your glasses from slipping is to utilize tube ties. Tube ties are commonly used to tie bundles of cords together in order to create less of a mess behind your computer or entertainment system. You can purchase them at a hardware store. You are also going to need a heat gun. To use these to help keep your glasses from slipping, take the tube with the smallest circumference that will still fit over your glasses. Push the tube onto your glasses so that the top of the tube hits right around the bend of the glasses.

2. Shrink the Tube Ties

Take the heat gun and use it to apply heat to the tube, starting near the bend of your glasses. When you apply heat, the tube will shrink to approximately half of its size, causing it to get so small that it is nearly impossible to get it off the glasses themselves. Once the tube has shrunk to the point where it will not shrink anymore, put your glasses on your face.

3. Cut the Tube Ties to Size

Have a friend cut the end of the tubing so that it is slightly longer than the original end of your glasses, but not so long that you can see it when you are looking at yourself directly in the mirror. Use the heat gun to melt the end of the tube tie so that it does not have any sharp edges.

By following these steps, you have done two things. You have increased the amount of friction between your ears and the glasses, making them much less likely to slip, and you have increased the length of your glasses to keep them from slipping down. Both of these things will make wearing your glasses a lot easier. Talk to an optometrist (such as one from Sol Optix) for more information.