3 Tips For Purchasing Comfortable Shoes During Pregnancy

1 December 2014
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During pregnancy, your body goes through several changes. With rapid weight gain, you are concerned with clothing yourself comfortably. You should also put in some serious consideration as to the kind of shoes that you buy during your pregnancy. There is no doubt that you want to be comfortable, but that does not mean that you have to compromise your personal sense of style. Instead, you just need to take into consideration certain factors that make shoes more comfortable during pregnancy. Here are three tips for purchasing comfortable shoes:

Look for shoes made of material that breathes well.

It is very common to experience increased sweating due to hormonal changes. It can be very uncomfortable to wear clothing and shoes that do not breathe. When you are shopping for shoes, make sure that you pick shoes made out of materials that breathe well. Canvas and leather are great materials because they do not trap moisture, allowing your feet to breathe. Further, materials that breathe well tend to have great elasticity, allowing them to stretch comfortably. Canvas and leather shoes come in a variety of different styles, including sneakers, loafers, and boots, giving you plenty of selection when shopping.

Go for slip-on shoes in favor of lace-up shoes.

Due to foot and ankle swelling, it is good to invest in slip-on shoes instead of lace-up shoes. They tend to be more comfortable to wear, and you can also wear them longer into your pregnancy. You can also easily slip insoles into slip-on shoes, such as ballet flats, for added support. Further, slip-on flats are stylish and appropriate for an array of outfits; they can be worn with jeans, skirts, suits, or dresses, and they are also available in many different colors.

Invest in shoes with a low heel.

It is not the best idea to wear spiked high heels during pregnancy. They do not supply proper arch support and can become extremely uncomfortable. During your pregnancy, it is best to consider buying shoes with a low, wide heel, as those offer the most support for your feet. There are many options for shoes with a low stacked heel that are appropriate for several different occasions, including sandals and loafers. You can still wear stylish shoes late into your pregnancy without sacrificing support and comfort. Taking these factors into consideration during your pregnancy helps you to dress comfortably without taking away from your sense of style. Check out sites like http://www.alegriashoeshop.com for more options and info.