5 Unique Gift Ideas For The Impossible-To-Buy-For Folks On Your Holiday List

13 September 2018
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If you pull out your hair every year trying to find something to buy for the people who have everything and want for nothing on your holiday list, then below are five unique ideas to help spark your imagination as you shop:

Idea #1: A Cell Phone Lens Kit

If your gift recipient is one of those people who is constantly uploading photos to Facebook or Instagram, then a cell phone lens kit gives them the ability to take closeup and other specialty photos with their regular cell phone. These kits are inexpensive and readily available where you buy other cell phone accessories.

Idea #2: Bars of Artisan-Made Soap

For the minimalist on your list who appreciates artisan-made products, a few bars of goat milk or beer soap in a neat design or bathroom-matching color make an indulgent gift to be used and enjoyed. You can find artisan-made soaps in specialty shops, local farmers' markets, and online marketplaces such as Etsy. 

Idea #3: A Unique Writing Pen

Just as everyone bathes and uses soap, so too does everyone write checks, make grocery lists, and jot down other important notes. While inexpensive ballpoint pens will do the job, writing is a much more enjoyable experience when you use a unique pen. Interesting pens are made of wood, stone, and metals. They write better than their inexpensive cousins, and they look fantastic on everyone's desk.

Idea #4: A Custom Needlepoint Keychain or Key Fob

People young and old have home and car keys that need a keychain for safe keeping. One of the currently most popular styles of keychain and key fob are those made with needlepoint. You can find them with American flags or college logos, or you can even have one custom made with a monogram or short quote on them. For someone who has everything, needlepoint keychains can add a smile to their lives every time they get out their keys.

Idea #5: A Tooled-Leather Journal

If the person you are shopping for likes to keep a journal or is always searching for a sheet of blank paper, then a tooled-leather journal makes a fantastic gift option. This type of journal is available in a wide variety of sizes and price points to meet every need and budget. And, as an added bonus, each time they write in the journal your gift recipient will run their hands over the natural leather cover and thank you for your thoughtfulness.